About Us

About us

The University of Zurich and the University of Geneva signed a strategic partnership agreement in December 2017. This new partnership joins the two largest universities in the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland that have already maintained close relationships in research, teaching and student exchange. The strategic partnership aims to foster and intensify these links and strengthen the visibility and outreach of both institutions within Switzerland and abroad.


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Mission Statement

Through this strategic partnership, the two largest comprehensive universities in Switzerland work together to shape the Swiss higher education and research environment towards an all-inclusive national approach to research and teaching, accentuating the importance of all scientific disciplines.    

The partnership builds bridges in terms of language, discipline and culture. It promotes physical and intellectual exchange on every level and encourages interinstitutional and interdisciplinary scientific collaborations.   

The alliance strives to contribute towards the biggest challenges of society both on a national and international level, by fostering high quality joint research, contemporary teaching and supporting the key stakeholders with essential information and data to shape policies and further cultivate critical thinking.