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A Covid-19 exchange story


New call for projects: “Engaging Science and Society for More Resilience”


On the path to transparent and reproducible science: Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative (SOPSI)

Bilingualism in law through the exchange of professors

Língua-lugar: the unifying and inclusive power of a scientific journal

Coffee, paper work

Courses and language during the exchange: some suggestions

Building, sky, housing complex

Finding housing during the exchange: some practical tips

Culture and leisure during the exchange: some suggestions

WEF 2020

Roundtable at the UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development


The perks of a national exchange

Library, projects, research

Six newly funded projects: resilient societies as a common mission

Earth, Dialogue, Expert

Expert Dialogue on Shaping Resilient Societies, 12.11.2020

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