Student Exchanges

Beyond the unique cultural diversity of Switzerland, more student interaction beyond the linguistic barrier means more diverse networks of future young professionals and a stronger multilingual working environment in the country. The strategic partnership therefore encourages student exchange between Geneva and Zurich.  


What is the added value of an academic exchange within Switzerland compared to going overseas? What obstacles or difficulties are there and how to go around them? In what follows, you will find more information about these exchanges and the experiences of students.  


To find out about the administrative issues regarding a semester abroad, please consult the relevant webpages.

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What students are saying

Student, Université de Genève

It’s a great experience not so far from home.

Exchange student in educational sciences, from UNIGE to UZH

That was a key experience that I recommend to every French-anxious person!

Exchange student in law, from UZH to UNIGE
Student, University of Zurich

A one-semester exchange goes by very quickly but is definitely worth it.

Exchange student in computational linguistics and language technology, from UZH to UNIGE

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Facts and figures

Between 2017 and 2021, 163 students carried out an academic exchange between the University of Geneva and the University of Zurich.

Testimonials and Interviews

Explore what students are saying about their exchange experience.

Exchange at UZH: Students tell us about their experience

A Covid-19 exchange story


The perks of a national exchange

Stories on Topics

In this section, you can find a compilation of tips and suggestion that students have mentioned about different yet important topics such as housing, living and culture concerning their exchange!

Find out what they have to say, leave comments and share your experiences and advice in the comment function.


Courses and language during the exchange: some suggestions

Building, sky, housing complex

Finding housing during the exchange: some practical tips

Culture and leisure during the exchange: some suggestions