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In Spring 2018, a joint fund was set up within the frames of the strategic partnership to provide seed money for research projects carried out on a joint basis. Two such annual calls for proposals were issued in 2018 and 2019 with some 30 funded projects. 

From 2020 onwards, available funds are divided into several schemes and awarded on a competitive basis. Currently, the two main funding schemes are:   


  • All-year round open call for seed funding projects (up to CHF 8’000) for small research and collaboration projects, young researchers exchange, staff exchange and staff projects;  
  • An annual call for projects (up to CHF 30’000) prioritizing strategic topics that are announced at the launch of each call.  


Annual call

The theme for the annual call 2021-2022 is “Engaging Science and Society for More Resilience”.  Against the backdrop of successive global crises and the race to overcome them, special attention is given to projects that foster the dialogue between science and society and/or politics. For a summary of the projects, see our article here.

All calls for proposals are open to all disciplines and subjects.  

For more information about the ongoing and past calls (with the full list of funded projects), please visit the project submission platform.

Projects by field

Since 2018, the partnership has funded 53 research projects in nine fields. The first two calls prioritised projects dealing with digital issues. Five projects are part of the first thematic call on resilient societies and six projects are part of the second thematic call on engaging science and society.

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What the researchers are saying

My own research has benefitted from this interdisciplinary environment, as it gives me the occasion to constantly revise communicative strategies and language. My doctoral students have stimulating exchanges with their peers and occasions to present their work to scholars from other disciplines, a training in interdisciplinarity that I consider crucial for their future careers.

Dr Valeria Wagner, University of Geneva
Project: “Swiss School of Latin American Studies”, 2018-2019

The exchange  have not only enhanced the German-speaking students’ skills in the French legal language and vice versa, but also provided excellent opportunities for professors of both universities to meet and discover shared research and teaching interests.

Prof. Dr Marc Thommen, University of Zurich
Project: “Language and interpretation skills for Zurich and Geneva law students”, 2018-2019